A friend of mine was verbally abused by her mother. She would be told that she was stupid for making a B on a test. We were tom boys and choose to dress in jeans and tee-shirts. My friend’s mother found that unfeminine look to be ugly and was blunt in the rudest fashion. One day when visiting with my friend, her mother started on another one of her rampages. I interrupted “I cannot take it any longer. Just because you are miserable does not give you the right to bring misery upon your daughter. If you do not have anything nice to say do not say anything at all.” I then gave my friend a hug and told her that I loved her but could not continue to stand by as her mother trashed her. As I started to leave her mother gently grabbed my shoulder and asked me to please stay and with tears running down her face she apologized. My friend was a much happier person from that day forward.

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I am a 29 year old divorced mother of a beautiful baby girl named Emma. Even though I love being a self employed massage therapist; I've chosen to go back to school to obtain a career as an Occupational Therapist. I thought it would be best to have a job that has a stable paycheck that will provide security for my daughter and I. Over ten years since I've been in college, so I'm a little overwhelmed but also up for the challenge.
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