Journal prompts 1 & 2
I would say that the English I speak would depend on the person I am speaking to. I have a wide range of friends from all over the world and have learned how to speak and understand each of them on their own level of English. I try to avoid using any broken English I may have with my family but find that even I and my family have our own type of broken English that we speak to each other.
At my old job I used to translate from Spanish to English all the time for the customers who knew no English at all or spoke very broken English. For me I am shocked at how most people do treat others that they do not understand instead of trying to listen to them they act as if they are speaking gibberish and put them aside as if they are in the way. I understand that if you are going to live in the U.S. you should learn English just as if one was to move to china they would expect you to learn their language and give the same type of look that we give of not understanding should one choose to not learn.
Question1. Broken English, Proper English. The advantage depends on who she is speaking to.
Question2. She gives examples of the different types of English that she speaks. By learning how to communicate in her own way.
Question3. The differences are the types of readers. And depending on what type of readers she uses different English. She used Basic English so that if not all most would be able to understand.
Question4. That she was wrong in thinking her mother was imperfect. Instead over time came to realize that her mother’s English was just simply her own.
Question5. Broken English was a similarity and learning how to communicate outside the family home. Made them question themselves and work harder to achieve their goals. It had influence in the way that they had to find a balance and learn more than what they knew before. And to accept there families as they are.

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