Summer Freedom

Question 1. Allowing children unsupervised free time during the summer means memories that last forever, make mistakes and learn from them, and grow and me more free.
Question 2. The point that I got from it was that in this day and age it is dangerous. But we as parents can still let are kids be free to run and play but at the same time set a guideline for their safety.
Question 3. Yes, because as a parent I can see even without reading that the amount of time we used to have is fading and in its place is more stress. With more danger comes more taking away of our freedom to enjoy are life in a safe environment. Soon are children will no longer be able to play outside in fear of the danger that waits outside. (Gibbs’s intended audience is parents.)
Journal prompt 2
When I was growing up I ran free during the summer. It was my time for me and my friends to just be free of all stress and just be ourselves. My children spend their free time with me, not because of fear but because they are 6 and 3 and are still too young to be out by themselves.
No, because in paragraphs 7 and 8 she gives a perfect example of how important are role as parents are in teaching are kids to check in and be safe.

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