The color of love

Question 1. The similarities are that they are both writers, they are both strong minded women with a mind of their own, and both feel that they are rite. The difference is one is open minded and the other is closed. The conflict comes into play with race being the issue.
Question 2. Really the whole story shows how she feels about race and how she feels about her daughter getting married and having mixed children. It also shows how there is a thin line between love and hate and how others can see her actions as being hateful or a weird showing of love in her own way.
The last time I expressed anger was towards the father of my child. I had held my tongue and said nothing, for me that was a huge step because I am the type of person who says how they feel the second it is felt and hold nothing back. Well this time I held it all back which I found out for me is a recipe for disaster. Without getting into personal detail I will just say that he a first time dad at age 32 was having a hard time getting used to the idea of being a new dad and in dealing with it the way he did shut me out. The day I expressed my anger towards him I let it all out no bars held and could have given a you know what about any consequences for my words or action. Apparently all that I said that day kicked something in his brain on and from that day he made a 360 and is now the best husband a wife could ask for and is now very much looking forward to the birth of our child. I only ask god that I not have to react the way I did that day ever again just to get him to understand things lol a short conversation is good with me.

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