How Times Have Changed

Up into the early years of high school, I lived on Air Force bases all over the world.  It was like being in a safe cocoon.  My parents didn’t worry about stranger danger or things of this nature.  I was given free rein to do and go as I saw fit.  The rules were simple:  my parents were to know at all times who I was with and  had to check in every few hours, I was to be in my yard by dusk, and up to my parents when to come in for the night.  My children today are on a much tighter leash, if you will.  I do not trust the people in my neighborhood.  They cannot leave our yard unless I give the explicit permission.  I expect them to check in with me every hour, no excuses.   I do not let them go with any one I do not know that well.  I let them be children and have their fun, but at the same time they are aware that I keep track of their every move. In my opinion, Gibbs does not diminish parental supervision.  When you children get older they need the space to find out who they are.  They need to learn to rely on their own judgement.  We pray that we have given them a strong moral foundation that will enable them to make wise decisions.  That does not mean we are not being a part of their lives.  It is helping to teach responsibility.

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