I grew up in a hispanic home, and i can relate to the guy who wrote the article on public and private language. when i was young i grew up only speaking spanish at home. when i went to school it was a whole different thing for me. i felt scared and alienated. everyone would talk to me and all i heard was gibberish. when the teachers told my mom that i needed to speak english at home,and my mother tried her best. of course it wasnt perfect english. it was “forgein” to her, as well as us. we began to teach her and and little by little we began to speak. well at school i usually didnt say anything because i was afraid of my limited english and i tried not to talk speak so i wouldnt get embarrased. i speak more comfortably now but i try not to speak the way i talk at home because even though we are older and know more english we still speak it the way we used to, really “limited” in other peoples eyes but to us it’s our english.

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i want to be an art teacher. i am going to transfer to sam houston university spring 2010. i enjoy writing stories but im not so good at grammer... i need help in that area.
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