For the Children

When i was yonger my parents let me have a lot of freedom, more than i have now in fact. I could go outside and play for hours without them getting worried about me. They actually preferred i be outside. They thought it was unhealthy for me to stay inside all day. I never wanted to as it was, so it worked out for the both of us. The only catch was i had to stay close to home, and if i wanted to venture out i needed to check in to let them know where i was headed. They would always be okay with me going to the park or wherever it was i wanted to go, they just wanted to know where i would be. I dont think that Gibbs takes away parental supervision. It is very important to give children their freedom. How are they going to be able to grow as an individual if their parent is attached to their hip at all times. It would be different if no boundaries existed, but they do. It is important to give freedome to children, but as a parent it is also important to know where your children are and what they might possibly be doing. Giving freedom with small boundaries is how i plan to raise my children when i have them someday 🙂

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