Kids Will Be Kids

From dance practice to baseball camps and piano lessons…children are being dragged from one thing to the next. Parents making their kids practice a sport so that they will be the best and children tired of being on a schedule. Children need a break and they need to have fun. I agree with Gibbs that children are stressed and they have no time to just relax, do nothing, and just be a kid. Growing up I had three sisters where there for me to have fun with. We experienced what all kids should: freedom, imagination, creativity, and FUN!

About Courtney S.

It is all about ME! :) Ten things that I am good at... 1.) dancing 2.) speaking 3.) leading 4.) organizing 5.) decision making 6.) writing 7.) creating 8.) working 9.) dreaming 10.) shopping Ten groups that I am in... 1.) yahoo mail 2.) facebook 3.) my family 4.) college 5.) Saltgrass 6.) Charming Charlies 7.) church 8.) Blockbuster 9.) Former En Croix President 10.) Former Patriette A big part of my life is dance. In high school I enjoyed my senior year as an officer of my drill team. Another one of my passions is helping young woman, like myself, with self confidence and I am a strong believer. I had the priveledge of being President of a club called En Croix. En Croix is a club for christian dancers. I loved being able to lead a club that I was very passionate about.
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