Let them play..

As a child I remember feeling like I could conquer the world. I had no limits on what I was able to do or what I was able to achieve. I learned early in life that if I could imagine it, I could pursue it, and just maybe, if I had just the right amount of ambition, I could accomplish it. I could accomplish anything i put my mind to. My childhood was not given any boundries or limitations, except those already provided by local laws. Being from a family full of boys, I was told to go have fun, get dirty, and be home when its dark out. We explored, built forts, fished local creeks, and hunted bull frogs. We were friends, enemies, cops & robbers, or whatever the day brought upon us. This taught me the basis of who I am today. I use this same experiences to raise my children. I enourage imagination and play. I do not limit thier freedom because I only limit their possibilities. I do not punish them for their mistakes because it is human nature that we learn from them. I believe if we limit childhood play we limit their imagination and limit their futures. We can encourage their imagination and learn to guide them with positive motivation or we can empower them with choices, so they learn resposibility. But we can not take away their childhood because we take away their futures.

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