More supervision for some, less for others

As a child the level of parental supervision was inversely related to my age, it decreased as my age increased. It was certainly not structured. During the end, my parents attempted to insert more structure but their efforts were futile-I was, and still am, too “ADD”, so to speak, for that. As a kid I tended to prefer being indoors when by myself, reading or watching tv, and outdoors with friends, building forts in the woods or dams in the creek. When I was indoors I was easily supervised, when I was outdoors I was not. As far as whether Gibbs diminishes parental supervision, I believe she does, to an extent. I think her main problem though is that she generalizes kids too much. Certain approaches work for some and not for others. Some kids need and thrive in structure, while it inhibits others. In other words, she diminishes the role of supervision by generalizing all kids.

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