Young Summer Spirit

I was closely supervised as a child, but the older I got the less I was supervised. My parents allowed me time to learn and grow on my own. I was allowed to stay out until dark, and I was usually adventuring in the woods behind my neighborhood. I will attempt to give my children as much supervision and freedom that I was given. It is difficult with the many demented people in the world abducting children to say for sure how secure I will feel letting my children venture off on their own. I do not beileve that Gibbs diminishes the benefits of parental supervison. She is only trying to portray the need for adolescent independence. Summers of free time and boredom can sometimes conjure ideas and concepts not before intruded upon by children. I am sure she believe spending time with her kids and planning events to fill some of their days is crucial, but time alone and with other children without parental supervision invites a quest for life lessons.

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