Freedom during Summerbreak

Childhood for me was uniformed, well planned and executed. From an early age my mother totted me around town from practice to practice. Many weekends, Friday to Sunday, were spent at all day swim meets. While school was out, swimming was in. My mornings would begin at 5:30am with first practice at 6:00am. My day ended four practices later at 7:00pm. By the time my dad and I got home it was time to eat and go to bed. Dinner was always cold and the house silent. Playtime and friends had to be scheduled. My own daughter will never be subjected to this rigorious lifestyle. Together, she and I decided how often she will participate and then choose what activity she will partake in. I do not want my daughter to be stressed and over-whelmed as I was. Playtime is plenty and liberated. I want her to enjoy and thoroughly explore childhood.

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