Bravery: showing/ having courage or being fearless.
A super hero saving the world or even more…
A single mother rising her children and working multiple jobs to give them the best life that she possible can
A family that has lost a loved one and supporting each other through their loss
A soldier who has left a family behind to fight for Our country
A woman who has been beaten for years by her husband, finally getting away to start a better life for her and her babies
People who pick up the pieces of their broken lives and have the strenght and the courage to put them back together…those people are the “super heros” those people are BRAVE.

“Bravery is being the only one who knows you’re afraid.” -Franklin P. Jones

Franklin P. Jones.”Bravery Qoutes”.2009. April 13, 2009

About Courtney S.

It is all about ME! :) Ten things that I am good at... 1.) dancing 2.) speaking 3.) leading 4.) organizing 5.) decision making 6.) writing 7.) creating 8.) working 9.) dreaming 10.) shopping Ten groups that I am in... 1.) yahoo mail 2.) facebook 3.) my family 4.) college 5.) Saltgrass 6.) Charming Charlies 7.) church 8.) Blockbuster 9.) Former En Croix President 10.) Former Patriette A big part of my life is dance. In high school I enjoyed my senior year as an officer of my drill team. Another one of my passions is helping young woman, like myself, with self confidence and I am a strong believer. I had the priveledge of being President of a club called En Croix. En Croix is a club for christian dancers. I loved being able to lead a club that I was very passionate about.
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