Research Paper: Some thoughts

Double space
No Contractions
Don’t forget the headings on your pages.

I’m looking for 4.5 pages approximately.

Make sure you use five scholarly articles (out of the databases) on the same topic. You can’t pick five on Cymbeline. You have to pick five on mathematics in the play or anachronisms or the references to the Roman gods throughout the work.

You’re going to be reading 100 pages and summarizing them into this paper.

You must use 1 quote. No more than 20% of your paper may be a quote.

Do not plagiarize. If you use their ideas, cite them (Davis). Or you can say, Davis said that both quotes and paraphrases must be cited.

If you have your own ideas, please feel free to add them. But I am not expecting that. It’s what they pay the English teachers the big bucks to come up with. I do want to hear some good ideas, so give me the best the authors you read came up with.

Send me an email so that I can reply to you with the password to check for plagiarism. I’ll put something on the net by Sunday night about how to do it and email the password to you. Make sure you do that before you turn it in. It’s not just for me to make sure you didn’t plagiarize, but also so that you can fix your paper first if you did.

I know it’s cruel to give you a research paper over the Memorial weekend, but I am supposed to assign a research paper and this gives you the most time for it.

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