14 schools later…

10 things I’m good at

  1. Eating
  2. Sleeping
  3. Making people laugh
  4. Loving (God, family, friends, my country, etc..)
  5. Watching movies
  6. Adapting to new places
  7. Being a Christian
  8. Arguing
  9. Taking pictures
  10. Cooking Italian food

10 groups I’m a part of

  1. A 2009 graduate
  2. Kids who move too much
  3.  Christians
  4. A Red Lobster employee
  5. A middle child
  6. A coffee lover
  7. licensed drivers
  8. Females
  9. Volleyball players
  10. People who spend too much time on the computer

I love the reaction I get from people when they find out how much I have moved around in my 17 years.  My parents are pastors and have been a part of many churches around the country, hence the 14 schools.  Changing schools definitely wasn’t my favorite thing to do but I’ve learned a lot and feel more  educated because of it.  I have encountered all kinds of people and to this day find the ways people differ fascinating!  My family moved to Porter last summer, where I attended my senior year at a very small private school.  I graduated valedictorian, and even though it was a small class, I am very proud of that!  The journey that got me here is amazing in itself, but that’s what makes everything worthwhile–the journey.

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