California Mentality in Small Town Reality…..

10 things I am good at but always trying to improve

  1. Cooking
  2. Helping animals
  3. Surfing
  4. Skateboarding
  5. Wake-boarding
  6. Being a Wife
  7. Helping others
  8. Children
  9. Managing time
  10. Caring too much


10 things I strongly affiliate myself with

  1. American Indian
  2. Student
  3. Texas Women’s Wake-board Team
  4. Sister in Law
  5. Aunt
  6. P.E.T.A
  7. Christianity
  8. Youngest Child
  9. Only Girl
  10. First in entire family to go to College


Feeling the fresh, cool, crisp summer breeze hitting your face. Your hair flowing behind you following your every sway from left to right, and back again. Then it hits you, your not in California anymore! Instead of the fresh breeze, you get a humid hairdryer like wind hitting you in the face. Instead of your hair flowing behind you, it stands in a springy unwilling frizz. But that will never stop my love for surfing. I have learned to modify it some, instead of the ocean, there is the good ol’ San Jacinto River. Then, all you need is a boat and a surf board and you are ready to roll. Instead of waiting on that one perfect wave to sweep you off the ocean floor, you get the perfect wake that picks you up with a little help from the rope and boat. Eh, I’m a girl that is all about compromise. Being out there is the best feeling ever. Whether I am here or in some exotic beach surfing, the feeling that you get when its just you and mother nature is indescribable. You have this unbelievable connection that no one can take away. It is therapeutic to the body, mind, heart, and soul….

Unless you wipe-out of course, then its like God knocking you on the butt and putting you back in your place!

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