Dad, Husband, and Student

Ten things I am good at

  1. Being a dad
  2. Being a husband
  3. Being a son
  4. Being a brother
  5. Being a friend
  6. Being honest
  7. Leading
  8. Listening
  9. Coaching
  10. Teaching

Ten groups I am a part of

  1. Christian
  2. Sinner
  3. Promise Keeper
  4. Lutheran
  5. Future teacher
  6. Former trucker
  7. Former athlete
  8. Alaskan
  9. Shrinking American
  10. Esposo es Gringo

“Hey gringo, why you talking to that senorita?”, I heard the Mexican men ask me. What can I say? All I wanted was a taco. Maybe a cold beer. I never imagined that the incredible girl would even consider a drifter like me. I was just another tired trucker, looking for something different to eat. Little did I know, that senorita, would soon be my wife.

At first, my friends laughed at me. “Stephen, you don’t speak Spanish, and she is way out of your league.” They were right. So I did my best to learn Spanish. I listened to the spanish language CD’s as I burned up that highway between Florida and California, just so I could stop at that little taco stand in Phoenix, Az. 

What started out as lunch in the summer of 2004, is now a little family here in Kingwood, Texas.

That’s me. Esposo es Gringo

About Stephen H.

Husband, Dad, Student.
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