I can build a perfect home

I am good at:
1.Building perfect production homes, award winning
2.Speaking TexMex
3.Meeting deadlines
4.Keeping a schedule
5.Organizing Tours
7.Hearing what someone has to say
8.Hearing non-verbal language
9.Raising loving puppies
10. I am a award winning artist
Groups I am a part of
1. I am an executive assistant
2. I am an only child
3. I am an only grandchild
4. I love dogs
5. I drive a truck
6. I am a freshman
7. I have a aging parent
8. I am the wife of a law enforcement officer
9. I am a native Houstonian, third generation
10. I am an American

I am an award winning home builder. My Mom taught me how to build the perfect home. We worked together for the past seven years at a major national homebuilder where she was a senior employee. I was hired on and she trained me on what to look for and what not to do. I was building my homes as if my mother was walking behind me, she was.

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