I Livestrong, do you?

10 things I am good at

  1. Communicating
  2. Being an Aunt
  3. Cleaning
  4. Solving puzzles
  5. Helping others
  6. Keeping peace between family and friends 
  7. Playing the guitar
  8. Staying faithful
  9. Being a friend
  10. Keeping an open mind and heart

10 groups I am a part of

  1. Livestrong supporter
  2. A member of Lakewood Church
  3. A volunteer at Texas Children’s Hospital
  4. A middle child
  5. Student at Kingwood Lone Star College
  6. Zoo Member
  7. Sea World Member
  8. Houston Volunteer for various organizations
  9. Minnesota Vikings fan
  10. Houston Texans season ticket holder

I first became involved with Lance Armstrong’s Livestrong organization in the year 2003.     A lady I worked with was going through a difficult time with cancer, and I became involved to help support her battle.   Then, in 2005, cancer touched very close when my husband was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given 3-5 months to live.   He passed away peacefully a little over two years after being diagnosed.  During his treatments at MD Anderson Hospital and others, we would pass out the Livestrong yellow bracelets to anybody who wanted one.  It was a small way of offering encouragement and support, but it seemed to help so many.  It’s been two years since his passing, and they have been the toughest two years of my life.   However, the yellow Livestrong bracelet continues to give me courage.   I’m reminded daily that nothing I can endure is more difficult than what he did, and that gives me strength to begin a new life for myself.   It’s why I returned to college after 20 years, why I’ll do my best to become a Nurse one day, so I can help others Livestrong, one patient at a time.

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