Is there life outside of sports?

Ten things I am good at:

  1. Playing the Drums
  2. Sports (baseball, basketball, etc… )
  3. Drawing/ sketching
  4. Learning
  5. Public speaking
  6. Being a good listener
  7. Studying
  8. Working
  9. Reading
  10. Being a good friend

Ten groups i am affilated with:

  1. Pentecostals
  2. Drummers
  3. College students
  4. Only children
  5. Athletic fanatics
  6. Honors students
  7. High school students
  8. Book fanatics
  9. Teen-agers
  10. Licensed drivers

As a child i always knew my dad to play the guitar. It was what he loved to do, and naturally, he wanted me to follow in the same footsteps. I tried to the best of my abilities to learn the chords he showed me, but i just couldn’t catch on to it. Then, one day, my grandmother gave me a drum set for Christmas. Of course it wasn’t exactly what you would call a prestigious name-brand set, only a small childrens set. Despite the fore-mentioned, I fell in love with them. I learned every song I heard, from Johnny Cash’s “Rusty Cage” to AC/DC’s “Back in Black”; I learned them all.  Now I have been playing for about five years and have grown to be a fairly good musician.

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