Island in the Stream.

10 things I am good at, but could always use improvement.

  1. Staying steadfast, not only to God, but to my standards and convictions.
  2. Loving my family unconditionally.
  3. Being a procrastinator.
  4. Watching children.
  5. Being Studious.
  6. Photography.
  7. Singing.
  8. Giving honest answers.
  9. Bargain Shopping.
  10. Accepting people, despite their flaws.

10 groups I am apart of

  1. Pentecostals.
  2. Element 26 (youth group).
  3. LSCS students.
  4. High school students.
  5. Daughters.
  6. Sisters.
  7. Aunts.
  8. Youngest children.
  9. Facebook addicts.
  10. Teens.

Bargain shopping is my downfall. It’s absolutely profound, kind of like coffee.  Not only is it wonderful to get new things, but it’s even better when you find them on sale. You know the girl that spends 3 hours digging through Ross, Marshall’s, TjMaxx, or the resale shop around the corner? Well that my friends, is me. I think the words, “clearance” and “% off” reel me in like a helpless fish.  I love the thrill of not knowing what you’re going to find.

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