The Seesaw.

I am a wonderful:

1.  Baker

2. Dog Trainer

3.  Singer

4. Poet

5. Writer

6.  Comedian

7.  Actress

8. Orator

9. Maid

10. Sister

I affiliate myself with:

1. FMA (Future Mothers of America)

2. Middle Children

3. Reformed Baptist

4. Realists

5. Authors

6. Home School

7. Nerds

8. Independent Contractors

9. Secretaries

10. Aspiring Authors

Being the middle child sets a certain criteria for life. There are goals to be reached, walls to be scaled, and individuals to be surpassed. As the oldest, all the responsibilities seem to be thrown at your feet and as you excel, the same is expected of your brothers and sisters. On the other hand, the youngest child receives special attentions and is usually greeted by a more lenient parental figure. Thus, the other siblings are left in the middle of a terrible seesaw. On one side lies a psychological problem referred to as an inferiority complex; and on the other is an insatiable drive for attention. Combined, these elements form a body who constantly tries to better themselves in all they do, who sheds tears over anything lower than an A grade, and who eventually rises above all expectations in search of recognition. Since I am the middle child, I will do my best in everything I do.

About Kristen P

Life is about art and writing is one of the greatest art forms known to man.
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