The world of ideas

10 things I am good at

  1. reading
  2. mathematics
  3. reading and thinking about philosophy and psychology
  4. drawing
  5. loving my pet ball python and two pet Siamese cats
  6. surfing the net
  7. listening to music
  8. arranging flowers
  9. driving
  10. day-dreaming

10 groups I am a part of

  1. Dutch citizens
  2. fluent in Dutch
  3. fluent in German
  4. Draenei (for the Alliance!)
  5. coffee drinkers
  6. feminists
  7. atheists
  8. humanists
  9. youngest child in the family
  10. horror movie fans

I love to read and think about philosophy and psychology. It’s a beautiful world of ideas we all live in, and it’s where I spend most of my time. Almost every one of us has asked herself or himself who we are, why we are here, and how we got here. Scores of philosophers and theologians have attempted to answer these questions; however, it seems that we can never agree on the right answer.  For me, truth, as well as the answers to those questions, are an enigma. I may never come up with the answers that are true for myself let alone the rest of the world. Still, I can’t help but try. Discovering and trying out new ideas is in itself a wonderful thing to do. I liken it to wandering down a beautiful, virgin beach that goes on forever. Every now and then I notice a tumbling wave unearthing a glittering object lodged in the sand. As I dig it out it is revealed to be a sparkling multifaceted gem. Each one of these precious gems I discover is a new idea or theory. I love to turn them all over in my mind, examining and marveling at their beauty.

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