Lending out a helping hand

10 Things I’m Good at

  1. Singing
  2. Dancing
  3. Fashion
  4. Writing Music
  5. Making people laugh
  6. Meeting new people
  7. Texting
  8. Taking Care of People
  9. Learning new things
  10. Being open-minded

10 Groups I’m a part of

  1. Kingwood Choir Officers
  2. Lonestar Dance Ensemble
  3. Certified Nursing Assistant
  4. Volunteer Of Regent Care Center
  5. Generation Student Ministries
  6. Kingwood High School Alumni
  7. FCA- Fellowship of Christian Athletes
  8. ACTS- Acting and Debate Team
  9. Republican Party
  10. Static- KUMC’S College Ministry

I’m a very social person,and i love meeting new people.I consider it to be a hobby of mine, and I’m the kind of person who says hello to someone in the grocery line, or starting a conversation with someone im sitting next to on a park bench. I’ve met  various types of  people this way; the mot memorable being the residents at Regent Care, a nursing home I volunteer at. It’s a very rewarding field, brightening up someone’s day. Once, i encountered a woman crying because ,no one would lower her bed for her. When i lowered her bed, the joy in that woman’s face was like a child getting a new bike on christmas morning. It brings me a great amount of joy to be a volunteer. I have created valuable friendships with a variety of people, and learned alot about our past as well. I’ll continue to volunter and say hello to everyone i meet. It’s just who i am, and how god created me.

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