My two dogs

10 Things I am good at

  1. Cooking
  2. Being an aunt
  3. Taking care of my dogs
  4. Being a wife
  5. Housework
  6. Crocheting
  7. Being dependable
  8. Being trustworthy
  9. Achieving Goals
  10. Gardening

10 Groups Involved In

  1. Michaels Arts and Crafts
  2. Church Group
  3. Rodeo Committee
  4. Nursing Homes
  5. Capital One Bank
  6. College Classroom
  7. Car Shows
  8. Bunco Night
  9. High School  Study Group
  10. Palais Royal

I like to believe that one thing I am good at is taking care of my two fun loving boxers. There is never a dull moment around my house with those two at play. Bel Air, who is two years old, is my more laid back kind of dog. She is very loving, she likes to cuddle, and she is a bed hog to top it all off. Duke Earl, who is one years old, is my more high energy dog. He is very hyper, he loves to play, and he is always in trouble for chewing on things. There is nothing more joyful than coming home and being greeted by two dogs who immediately crave your undivided attention, as soon as you walk through the door. However, it does run a close race with getting settled for bed, I have to defend my place, before either of them can steal my spot in bed.

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