getting to know dalton

getting to know dalton: 10 things im good at

  1. driving
  2. cooking
  3. school
  4. applied science
  5. drawing
  6. math
  7. video games
  8. making friends
  9. fighting
  10. cleaning

10 groups i am a part of

  1. native american/irish
  2. students at lonestar
  3. bartenders
  4. the 2008 alumni at danbury high school
  5. artists
  6. musicians
  7. vehicle owners
  8. pet owners
  9. football players
  10. video gamers

growing up as a child i had two older brothers so as you can imagine there were alot of conflicts.  my brothers would push me and try to pick on me. but being stubborn like i am i did not just sit there and take it, i always fought back. my brothers and i would have physical confrontations all the time, i would tackle my brothers and pin them down and start to fight them. it is very usual to see brothers fight but my fights would escolate very quickly, there was one occasion when my brother actually threw me through my own bedroom window. so as a result of my child hood with my brothers i developed a unique skill at fighting.

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