I am Pro-life

10 Things I’m Good At

  1. drawing, painting portraits
  2. writing…I think.
  3. playing the guitar
  4. playing the piano
  5. running
  6. organizing things, being neat
  7. cooking
  8. entertaining children
  9. taking pictures
  10. finding stray animals

10 Groups I’m in

  1. Christians
  2. married
  3. stay-at-home moms
  4. musicians
  5. artists
  6. pro-life
  7. home schoolers
  8. people who have never worn braces
  9. dog owners
  10. book worms

  I am, and always have been, most passionately pro-life. My heart absolutely breaks for the thousands of children lost to America alone every day. I can think of nothing that would merit the murder of an innocent child. Nothing.

I saw a bumper sticker once that said this: “Pro-life activists, put your money where your mouth is. Adopt a crack baby.”

My response is this: Every child deserves a chance at life, regardless of how they came to be. Every child is created by God, and made in His image. Unplanned and/or unwanted children can always be put up for adoption.

One day I hope to open my very own children’s home.  It will not only be a children’s home, but also a place of refuge for women who are struggling with unplanned pregnancies. (Abortion is not the answer!) It will be a place where the name of Jesus is proclaimed unapologetically, and a place of hope. The home will have a gigantic playroom/gameroom for the children. …With a disco ball, and a trampoline, and a theater.  It’s going to be glorious.

This dream of mine is just beginning to take its form, but I am just so excited!

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