Maker of Curry

10 Things I’m Good At
1. listening to and empathizing with other people
2. washing dishes
3. looking after animals
4. making curry
5. being patient
6. dancing salsa
7. playing soccer
8. relating to children
9. being indecisive
10. running

Groups I’m Part Of
1. Long Term Residents of Japan
2. Republic of Guatemala
3. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Island
4. European Union
5. Kingwood College International Students
6. Animal Lovers
7. Former Members of Yokohama City Latin Dance Club
8. Former members of Seisen International School Basketball Club
9. Ex-employee of GEOS for Children, an ESL School in Japan
10.  Chocolate Fan Club

I am a quasi-professional maker of curry.  I expertly chop chicken and vegetables; the size and shape of the pieces are critical.  I am accomplished at picking out the best can of coconut milk at Walmart.  Despite appearances, subtle differences between the cans do exist, and I am particularly adept at the delicate task of negotiating the small mouth of the curry paste jar with a teaspoon.  In all honesty, my success at the art of making curry is probably due largely to inherent talent, but, as the adage goes, practice makes perfect, and perseverance has also played a role.  I make curry three, if not four, times a week.  My making curry has caused some consternation on the part of my boyfriend, a wonderful man in most regards, but one who has difficulty appreciating how truly gifted I am.  “Curry again?” is usually his response.  Alas, my ability to make excellent curry has not really extended itself to other culinary endeavors.

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