not so scary afterall

10 things I’m good at:

  1. talking
  2. shopping
  3. texting
  4. taking pictures
  5. listening
  6. learning new things
  7. doodiling
  8. dishes
  9. make-up
  10. hair

10 groups I’m in:

  1. sisters
  2. oldest children
  3. kroger employees
  4. 09 graduates
  5. nissan owners
  6. pet lovers
  7. good listeners
  8. non-smokers
  9. college freshmen
  10. shop-a-holics

Taking pictures is probably one of the things I’m best at it has to be my favorite thing to do. No matter what my friends and I are doing you can guarantee i have my camera and am putting it to good use. For me its always a good thing I have many memories and good times captured yet for them its not always so great. I tend to get the embarrassing shots of them more often then not. I’m pretty sure my camera is glued to my hand more than my phone which I know is weird for a teenager. I’m not thinking about doing anything in the photography field when I graduate although I do think it would be interesting I have bigger plans than that. Yet I know that taking pictures will always be one of the things I love most.

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