Unconditional love

10 Things I am good at:

1.      Being a wife

2.      Being a student

3.      Giving directions

4.      Reading storybooks to children

5.      Nurturing my baby and children

6.      Balancing  life and children

7.      Being a sister

8.      Listening

9.      Giving encouragement

10.  Creating Power Point presentations

10 Groups I am a part of:

1.      The Church of Jesus Christ of  Latter Day Saints

2.      Student Government Association (SGA)

3.      The Honors Student Organization (HSO)

4.      President Honors List

5.      The Art Club

6.       Oprah.com

7.      Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) advocate

8.      The National Coalition  Against Domestic Violence(NCADV)

9.      Oldest granddaughter

10.  First in my family to go to college

As I sit here contemplating about the many titles that I associate myself with; I began to formulate what I suppose I would consider myself to be; the epitome of every woman’s life. I am stretched in 1000 different directions without an end in sight. So as I venture into the depths of these magnificent entities of my life, I am often worried about fulfilling certain perceptions others may have of me. On several occasions I have been called an amazing woman, mother, wife, and basically described as a well rounded person, but so often I fail to notice those aspects of myself as being this remarkable person. I vision myself  as the person I was meant to be striving to achieve what others see; a glimpse of truth. As a child growing up, I knew that there was one thing I wanted to be as an adult; and that was a mother.  I can proudly say I have fulfilled that wish for I am the mother of five beautiful children. These five children motivate me to do my best in all my endeavors. Therefore, I pride myself in saying that I have accomplished plenty in my journey to succeed.  As far as the most interesting and important identity I embrace; may seem boring to others but in fact being a mom is better and at times more difficult  than I could ever imagine.  Furthermore, I think that being a parent is the most fascinating and of course the most challenging experience anyone can endure.  Nevertheless, there  will always come a time in child rearing when I will feel that I have reached my limit and I may even become overwhelmed. However, there is always that gentle reminder in my children’s faces; that look of unconditional love that can make the most unpleasant situation disappear and fade into a fond or humorous reminiscence

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