World Traveler!

10 Things I Am Good At:

  1. Procrastinating
  2. Math
  3. Soccer
  4. FPS (or gaming in general)
  5. Remembering lyrics, artists, and song names
  6. Making people laugh
  7. Snowboarding
  8. Speed Skating (inline)
  9. Saving money
  10. and living 😉

10 Groups I Belong To:

  1. Student
  2. Brother
  3. Dutch citizen
  4. International graduation student
  5. 360 “Fanboy”
  6. Horde!
  7. Texan
  8. Fiber Optic Technician
  9. World Traveler
  10. Former State Champion

The reason I’m so drawn to games, be it electronic, board, or card, is because I had an early start. My parents say I was 3 when I picked up my first game system. And from then my interest only grew. I guess you could say I grew with the technology. When I moved to the Netherlands I realized I could make a job out of my passion. In school there was a major essay, in which we were meant to research and write about what we wanted to do as a career.  I choose to research Game Design, at the time I planned on the artistic side. Although, when I joined here I had to choose between programming and art. So, I rethought my choice and decided to go with programming. Needless to say, that’s what led me to this English course.

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