did this today

  1. drawing
  2. sports
  3. hacky sack
  4. listening
  5. playing video games
  6. high school math
  7. helping others
  8. competitive video games
  9. driving
  10. directions


  1. christan
  2. lone star students
  3. church
  4. atrist
  5. sport lover
  6. hacky sack players
  7. eater
  8. brother
  9. older brother
  10. college student


through out my life i have had a facination with sports. i have played most of the sports that are localy played in my region, but i have found that baseball hs become my favorite. My dad grew up playing baseball and so my brother and I hvegrown up wit the love of the game. i started in t-ball and plyed until high school. I had drifted off of baseball lately, because I had moved into a new area and since then I haven’t played.

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