Drywall Lady

10 things I’m good at
1. Drywall repairs
2. Multitasking
3. Yard work
4. Skiing
5. Dancing
6. Cooking
7. Packing
8. Tile installation
9. Organizing closet
10. Shopping
10 groups I’m a part of
1. Motorcycle club
2. C.C.E teacher
3. New mom
4. Youth group
5. Staffing coordinator for hospital
6. Employee committee
7. Human resource department
8. Family
9. Friend
10. College student

The most interest thing I’m good at is drywall repairs. By looking at me you would not think that I can install dry wall and repair. But you learn fast when you do not have money to pay someone to do it for you. I can cut it and install it all by myself. I do the taping and floating. The only thing my husband has to come in and do is paint.

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