photography is my passion

  1. photography
  2. editing photographs on Adobe Photoshop CS3
  3. selling hair products
  4. studying for school
  5. cooking i meals
  6. painting ceramics
  7. keeping friendships
  8. taking care of children
  9. following instructions
  10. waking up early


  1. Sally sisters
  2. American citizen
  3. girl
  4. Texan
  5. Hispanic
  6. Atascocita High 08′
  7. Gonzalez Girls
  8. The non single ladies
  9. body modifications
  10. young inspiring photographers

If you happen to see me hiding, it would most likely be behind my camera.  Photography is my passion!  I’m free to express myself, in so many ways, there are no limits.  I love every aspect of photography.  The time from taking the picture to the developing process, it’s all fun.  Processing film through the dark room would have to be my favorite way to create a photograph  I like to think of the dark room as the birth place for them.  In there a photograph is innocent and once it hits light society has it’s toll on it.  There is a lot photograph can share.  The subject is always clear to see, but what most people don’t catch are the emotions that stand  in time as well.  Mostly, I’d love to travel all over the world.  I want to experience it all.  I’m majoring in Visual Communications and plan to share with the world what it has to offer.  I can only hope that the photographs I take in the near future can inspire the world to be a better place.

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Human. Woman. Photographer.
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