Ready for a Change.

A life full of faith and purpose.

Life can throw you all kinds of changes, but it’s what you do with those changes that matters. In the song ” The Climb” , by Miley Cyrus , she states “There’s always going to be another mountain or another obstacle; It doesn’t matter whats waiting on the other side, it’s all about the climb.” I know I can definitely relate to Miss. Miley in many ways. Getting pregnant at a young age and dreams being post-poned was the hardest thing for a teenager to go through, but the out come of the situation and the journey along the way has made  me into the woman I am today. I fully believe in Jesus Christ, he is my solid rock foundation. All things are possible with him and with out him my life would be meaningless. He has blessed me with an amazing husband and a beautiful two year old little, sweet, and precious girl. Life is funny and challenging, but I take it as a gift. I wake up thanking Jesus for another day with my family, another day to make a difference in the world, and another day to give him glory. Everyone has a purpose and I believe mine to help others and just love them. I have such a burden for girls who have taken the path I was once on. It’s not an easy one and it seem this world has nothing but judgemental people, the ones who are ready to cast the first stone. I will take a stand to make a difference, it only takes one, just one. This world needs more of the differnce makers.

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