Life is full of tough challenges

I consider this to be my six word autobiography because I, like many other people, have had many rough obstacles to face my entire life. My personal opinion is that these tests are designed by God himself, and he is challenging your will and determination. For example, in April of last year, I severely sprained my ankle during tennis practice when I stepped on a tennis ball. I was out of action for about three months. Sometime around August, a little over a month after my ankle healed, I started feeling really sick. I went to the doctor to find out that I acquired mono somewhere along the road. I was completely out from the tennis scene for about 4 months after that. In December, I was still fighting the mono but was able to play a little tennis here and there. During a practice, I twisted my other ankle. I eventually got back into the tennis scene around March of this year, and started competing in tournaments again. In May, I broke the fibula bone in my left leg while messing around with some of my friends. It finally healed up about the beginning of August. Despite this systematic sequence of events that have tried my faith and will, I have done my absolute best to look at the positive things in my life. I think that is the ultimate goal of the test overall; to see how strong you actually are mentally, and if you can keep a positive mindset through rough stretches of life.

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