Tennis- between the lines

10 things I am good at

1. Tennis
2. Fitness
3. Working hard
4. Guitar
5. Math
6. Eating junk food
7. Understanding politics
8. Sleeping late
9. Being a Christian
10. getting lost

10 Groups I am a part of:

1. United States Tennis Association (USTA)
2. Tennis players
3. Guitar players
4. Team AJ tennis academy
5. International Tennis Federation (ITF)
6. Homeschoolers
7. Future nurse anesthetists
8. People who go to college
9. Facebook
10. Texan

Ever since i was 4 years old, I’ve been considered “the tennis player”. Its been my alias; my identity to friends and family. I’ve been ranked as high as 16 in the state of Texas, and competed against players from all over the nation. Over the years, I have learned countless lessons from this sport; dedication, hard work pays off, and to always stay positive are only a few to name. For about 2 years, my schedule would be to wake up early, walk to the nearby metro station, ride an hour long bus ride into downtown Houston, have a coach pick me up and play tennis for 7 straight hours! I’ve even blacked out from pure exhaustion during an intense workout. I have always strived to become the greatest person I could possibly be, and to put 100% effort into anything I do.

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