The depths of my soul awakens

My six word biography

The depths of my soul awakens

I wrote this statement because I feel like a butterfly  that has awaken from its slumber. As a young woman,  I felt like I was captured in an unpleasant abyss. No where to turn, no voice to speak; silent in my pain.  No one knew, what I went through; the misery I endured. Someone else was controlling my every move. As time went on, I became so petrified ; paralyzed from head to toe. I could not breathe; I felt like dieing .What was I to do?  I had no friends to confide it.I had  no way out, I was lost or so it seemed. This part of my life I tried so hard to hide. Until one day, this person came to me and asked   “What’s wrong”  I replied, nothing and then she replied  “I know you more than you know yourself”  So, “Please dear do not fight the pain”.  I knew this was the one person I could confide in and  tell this horrible secret to.  The one person who  loved  me and  would never leave my side. She  has been there since my birth; through thick and thin; she is my best friend. This person that  I hold dear is my Mother.  My mother gave me the strength to leave a life of agony. There is hope after all;  Now I feel like shouting ; hurray!  I have found myself and feel a sense of worth  beyond belief. I am survivor of  Domestic Violence!   Now the depths of my soul  have  meaning! The will to carry on.

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