Testing the water leads to indecisiveness.

You’re at the lake and you’re about to jump in, but instead you stick your foot in the water. The chills rush up your spine, you step back, and ponder the idea of whether you should jump in or not. This same scenario applies to other decisions you have to make in this life. For instance: your education, your career, marriage, and so on.  I’m guilty of  testing the water, but when I finally get in I only go ankle deep. I hate this about myself. I never just jump in with two feet. I try and try to be myself no matter what.  The self that is confident and self-reliant, but I always listen to the sound of the crowd. In all honesty I have found, despite my wavering faith at times that God will see me through, with His help alone I can move mountains. I may be a little skeptical at first, but He knows my potential. He’s always by my side.

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