The suspenders that pull me back

I chose this for my autobiography because it’s how I’ve viewed situations throughout my life for many years.  From a young age my faith was instilled in me by my parents.  I do not recall a time when I didn’t believe there is a God.  However, there have been many times when I’ve questioned His presence in my life, and would pull away from my faith.  As a young adult I made some poor choices in relationships, and was hurt a great deal.  I can remember crying, wondering why God wasn’t protecting me; did he stop loving me?  That was when my faith and beliefs were put aside for a while.  In my heart I knew God was still there, but like a stubborn child I wasn’t seeing eye-to-eye with Him, so it was I who pulled away, not Him.  Over the years I’ve explained it to others like this; I feel as if God has always watched over me, and allowed me to make my own choices and decisions.  Each time I strayed too far away, it’s as if there were suspenders wrapped around my body, and He would pull me back.  Life can be difficult at times; we all go through our own trials and tribulations.  There is comfort in knowing that whatever happens in life, God has always, and will always pull me close when I need Him the most.  The suspenders of my life keep me strong in that knowledge.

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