At summers end may fall come.

At the blink of her eyes I hear the beat of my heart. I feel  the cool breeze upon my face, I begin to sense the crackling of the leaves in the wind. As we look down upon the mountains topped with high rise trees I take her hands and gently kiss her. This amazing moment brings me back two years ago to the day our story began together. Before this day, my dreams were mediocre and I really didn’t have any plans for the future. Now I am on the right track and have a brilliant and wonderful future to look forward too.  She has encouraged me to try harder and look not only to the future but also to the present, because if you wish to have a better future you must be willing to take on the present. To me this is a future that will continue on forever, and to this I am eternally grateful. To you my love… I thank you.

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