shooting for the stars

Ever since i was a child i always looked towards the future trying to decide what i wanted to do with my life. Well like many people my age I found the answers to my questions during my high school years. I specifically remember, it was my sophomore year right at the end when you sign up for your classes the next year. My entire class was gathered in the cafeteria and here the health science technology class came with the television, they placed it in front of us and turned the video on. From that moment on I knew what my life would result in. I wanted to be in the medical field, I wanted to help people that could not help themselves.  So from that point in my life I began to steer myself in the right direction by staying focused on school. I enrolled in the course and found I had a gift for anatomy and the human body. But that wasn’t all I had to do I had to figure out what college coursework I needed to fulfill my goal. So I went and spoke with my counselor at the college here in Kingwood and found out I can be an occupational therapists assistant in just two years. All I have to do is take two semesters of anatomy and physiology, two semesters of psychology, and of course the basics. Then I can take the OTA classes, then hopefully pass my state board exam, then I will be  finished. So as long i keep on the right track i will have a very successful career in a matter of two years.

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