I think the author of this advice is super smart. I believe that if we choose to go by the advice he gave, nobody should fell a class and or be stress because they waited at the last minute to do task. Being a mother of a two year old and wife, I have to use my time wisely. Even though I attend college I still have task at home that I as a wife am require to do. For example, I believe having the house in order and a good meal ready for your husband is important, especially after he’s been supporting my family all day, I choose to do this whenever I get done with homework and the studies. Another example, when my little one is down for her daily nap is usually the time I get “me time.” Now of course I could use it any way I wanted, but I choose this time to do homework, study, and whatever is necessary for me to achieve my goals. I am attending school for the hopes of one day soon receiving my teacher degree. That’s a job you can’t afford to be lazy in or unprepared. I want to go above and beyond, so that means I need to take his advice on the homework and writing assignments. I can’t afford any of those felling grades. I truly believe that all the advice is not only helpful, but will also put passing grades your way. I will definitely be putting all of his advice to work.

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