Family of Angels Prepares the Teacher

Maria smiles as she prays. Her love of the children is beyond measure. Her touch can replace a million words. Sonia, Tomas, and I adore her. She has passed her love to the children, and she has giving her love to me. I look forward to walking into my home. Tomas bolts for the door when he hears the truck in the driveway. Sonia excitedly grabs her backpack because she knows I will be walking her to school. Maria smiles. Her world is complete. She has seen us through the troubled times after the job layoff, and then the difficulties of not being able to find work. Her faith in me is only second to her faith in God. We have endured. I asked her about being a teacher. She smiled, put her arms around my neck, planted a kiss on my face, and said, “I knew you would be a teacher the first time I seen you.”  Like clay in the potter’s hand.

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