How to Succeed

I definitely agree that the suggestions made in the assigned article are great ones!

I can’t honestly say that I have any intentions of devoting 2-3 hours of study time to each of my classes. That’s really just unrealistic for me. I have two children, and no time. However, I do intend to do my best. I’m not at all experienced in college, and I guess I’ll learn as I go along.

And as for my particular studying methods, I really ought to work on that. I made A’s easily in highschool, and barely studied. I can already see that I can’t do that now! I liked the author’s suggestion to underline instead of highlight. I think I’ll try that…

I do pride myself on taking neat, organized notes. Although, often it’s really only because I think it looks pretty. I head my paper with box letters and doodles… Sometimes I may spend too much time rewriting and organizing my notes, and too little time actually reading them, and studying.

I’ve been out of school for four years now. While it may take a few weeks for me to fall back into the school-groove, I plan to do well. 🙂

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