I can only hope for the best.

Jeff Bennett has good recommendations that I’m sure will be easy to follow.  I have thirteen credited hours this semester and work at least twenty- four.  I’m lucky enough to have a job where customers rarely come in, so I can combine work time with study time.  Last year I missed class, and it sort of hurt me in the long run.  This year, I’m not going to miss one single day.  I’ve realize how important it is to come every single day. This is my first semester where I’m taking all core classes and reading the material is going to be crucial.  I’m prepared to take as long as it takes to study.  Last year my grades we’re passing but I know I would’ve done better, so this year I’m working towards all A’s.  In my history class all my teacher does is talk, good thing he is interesting.  I find it easier to keep up and jot down notes.  I make sure I date everything, so that way I can refer back whenever I need to.  The main thing for me this year is organization.  I believe that keeping a planner will help me improve with turning in homework in on time. (Just for Dr. Davis’ class, I make sure to write and box, “Check online for Davis’ homework!”)  I’m not use to looking for homework assignments online, but I’m starting to like it.  Overall I think this year will be a great academically.

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