My Opinion On The Astronomical Society

In the Astronomical studies I do not meet his recommendations. I do think it’s possible that you meet his requirements, but some people learn different. For instance, I learn visually better then reading and studying the material. I obtain the material a lot better if it’s out into action and shown to me what is really taken place. Some of his suggestions are helpful and I do obey some of them. Like relaxing ang getting enough sleep before and exam. I do not agree with the suggestion that states not to use a high lighter, but to underline the important material because in my opinion I would rather highlight the material so it really stands out different in a passage or whatever else it might be.

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I just graduated from Crosby High School. I'm very outgoing and ordinary. My hobbies are riding four-wheelers and hanging out. I love playing volleyball. My birthday is July 30,1991. In high school I was VP for my FFA Chapter.
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