what’s my age again?

“It’s my way or the highway.”

In six months I’ll be turning twenty years old and I’ll still be living with my mother.  Now, I don’t go by this saying but lately this is all I hear coming out from my mother’s mouth.  I know that I live in her house and I should obey her rules, but I’m about to be twenty and have a curfew of ten o’clock on school nights.  I can deal with washing the dishes, keeping up with my room, paying  my phone and gas bill, but coming home at ten; I will argue with.  Curfew is the only thing I ever get in trouble for, because I believe that I shouldn’t have one.  It’s not like I’m roaming the streets!  I have a part-time job and I go to college full time, I don’t know what else it takes to prove that I’m not a little kid anymore.  I’ve realize that she does worry but she needs to let me grow up, or I never will.  As much as I would love to move out, I can’t seem to find anyone that would like to break away from their parents or that is financially stable.  These past couple of months I’ve been saving up money for my own car, so that way I could travel to where they’re better job opportunities.  Then maybe, finally, I’ll be able to afford a small apartment for myself.  I love my mom to death, but she still treats me like I’m sixteen years old.

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