My Opinion of “Hints on How to Succeed in College Classes”.

In reading Jeff Bennet’s “Hints on How to Succeed in College Classes” the part that stuck out to me the most was the “Budgeting your time” section. Here he talks about allowing yourself six to nine hours of study time for every three credit course. I’ve never been big on studying although I know now its required I can’t imagine it taking near that amount of time. I tried to spend all my extra time studying and doing homework but trying to obtain a decent amout of hours at work and go to school there’s not too much time for other stuff. I’ve basically thrown sleep and a social life away since the summers ended. I do believe that I can be successful in college and make good grades without this much study time.

Although I don’t agree to much with this section I do believe that Bennet is absolutely correct in the other three sections. When it comes to learning I learn a lot better when I take my own notes and write it down in my words. It helps me understand better as well as it sticks to my memory a lot quicker and longer. In past experiences  going over stuff with others has been quite helpful. When I have others to proof read and tell me where my mistakes are its easier to improve than trying to look over it myself.

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