How to Succeed in College Classes

I enjoyed reading Jeff Bennett’s advice on how to succeed in college classes.  I could really relate to the idea of studying on your own before joining a study group.  In my past experiences, studying in a group has not worked out so well for me.  I do realize that it can be beneficial for certain individuals.  However, I must be in a quiet setting and I like to go over and over points that I have previously missed.  I will try to implement the idea of not staying up too late on the night before a test.  I am guilty of this, I feel I do my best studying under pressure.  I do not relax before and during exams, I am a victim of severe test anxiety.  I am willing to try to underline instead of highlighting, but I can see myself going back and highlighting it too.  Highlighting just seems to grab my attention better.  I do feel that Mr. Bennett has given me a few tools to be more successful in my classes.

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